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Our best seller! Wings and Whale Sharks.


Available in selected Aviation stores in South Africa.

A worlds first - a book about aerial observations of whale shark behaviour.

Flying a small microlight over the tropical blue ocean of the Islands of Seychelles, your imagination and emotions will be captured. 

South African born Johan Anderson, 6 times National hang gliding champion and micro-light pilot/Instructor, spend 11 years working for the Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles as a marine air survey pilot. This project comprises the longest running and most detailed Marine Air Survey project in the world, covering more than 50 000 official GPS recorded survey miles (That’s more than twice around the world!). His experiences are documented in his new book, Wings and Whale Sharks. Covering 6 seasons the reader is led through aerial adventures and a personal discovery of Island life and the Seychelles secrets of the worlds’ largest fish, the whale shark. This diary based memoir with 26 full colour pages is an adventurous, easy and thoroughly enjoyable read – a must have for pilots and divers and recommended for adventure enthusiasts from all walks of life.  SA Retail price R250.

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