Hang gliding and paragliding School

                  Aviation Training since 1986                                                       (ATO no: RAA-005/008/42)

Ingo and his amazing new Zee! (8)

Here are some more pics of the pack up process with Ingo's Zee. The beautiful Zee being packed in its bag...


Its all done and the wheels do not even have to be de-flated! Below, loaded and ready to ride to the hill or back home!


After months of planning and hard work Dolf was finally able to take delivery of Zee number 7. Over just two days we completed the final processes to get his cute little flying machine into the air.

Here are some pics of Dolf's adventure.

Lets get out of here...

Wilderness village and lagoon 

Miles along the beach!

Gerrickes point and bay - miles away!