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The legendary Zee!

The Zee is a beach cruiser, slope soarer, thermal rider hybrid powered hang glider. (It is specifically not a Nano Trike - design criteria are unique and specific to hang gliding and NOT to trike or microlight flying). The name suggests comfort, (to the extent that the pilot might even fall asleep!) but it also represents the way it folds up and packs away. Part of the Zee design was having the beach in mind. To fly, following the coast line while being able to land comfortably on the beach (or any other soft type of field), has always been a dream for many aviation enthusiasts. Of course now it is not just possible and legal (It is a hang glider!) but it is so easy. In fact, landing becomes a must do – purely because it is so cool. Of course the Zee design was supposed to be simple too. But so typical of simple designs, they turn out to be not so simple after all! People often think, oh, I can do that. Oh, I can build one. Just a few tubes and nuts and bolts – it’s not complicated at all. (Of course nothing could be further from the truth!) It has taken more than 5 years to complete the design of the Zee. But the design is at such a point that I am willing to let it out into the market and believe others will have fun and reliability when using the Zee.



The Zee is built using readily available material – well that was the idea in any event. Even if there are better, stronger and lighter material in existence these have been forfeited for price, availability and work-ability  This does not mean we have forgone structural integrity – no! It means we have used the best combination of materials to give you something that is affordable and practical. The main construction consists of 6063T6 grade aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel (304 and 316 grades) and a 6061 main pylon tube. (This same tube was used in the old Windlass pylon so that structurally it is more than adequate! In the words of one of the Solowings factory designers, “Isn’t that a bit of an overkill?”!)  Of course, where the aluminum is welded, expect a grade decline to T1 strength but the thickness of the material makes up for the loss in structural integrity due to the weld. We have also ensured that there’s no welding of critical areas.Even so, the pilot must note that the Zee is less than an experimental aircraft. It is classed as a powered hang glider in which there are no laws governing design and built criteria – anybody can build one – which is so cool!But there is still no substitute for experience and common sense. (It is recommended that builders read up and learn accepted aircraft build practices when becoming involved in such a project.) Our reputation forms part of our design motto.

It will do the purchaser and pilot a lot of good to get fully acquainted with the Zee before flying, to establish the integrity of the design for themselves. As is normal in such a case the manufacturers, instructors and agents do not take any responsibility for any possible mishap or catastrophe, whether by design of the Zee or by piloting it or for what so ever the cause. You buy and fly the Zee entirely at your own risk. I am sure the average man understands exactly what that means. Even so there is a great little operating manual for you to use and you will do well to head those instructions for your own safety. Not withstanding, we are always prepared to improve our design so we ask that you will report any defect, due to whatever cause to us so we can improve this remarkable little flying machine.  Safe flying and have fun!

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