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Powered soaring flight.

In essence the use of on board propulsion systems for hang gliding is primarily for soaring flight - that is to fly without power! (Yes, isn't it ironic! :)The power unit simply makes it more convenient to make use of thermal and ridge lift - if you miss the lift simply start up the on board propulsion system and go up for another go as opposed to landing and having to pack up and drive to the top of the mountain again. Power assisted launching (PAL) is a great alternative to get into the air.

A powered hang glider is still a hang glider. 


Power assisted launching (PAL) hang gliding comes in a variety of forms and configurations. In many ways the only limit seems to be the ingenuity of man! Developments in the field of hang gliding made the non-use of wheels for launching and landing in certain applications not only redundant but excluded the sport from many potential participants and even made it more dangerous. In the past this was kind of an informal yard stick to determine the difference between a micro-light and a hang glider but today the distinction between micro-lights and hang gliders are defined in a simpler and more effective way. In the case for power assisted hang gliding the wing must be a certified hang gliding wing and the power unit and pilot configuration must fall within the certified weight limitations of the hang glider wing. This has made it very simple – if the wing is a hang glider you need a hang gliding license to fly it. A trike wing might look like a hang glider but you cannot (won’t be able to might be a better description!) hang glide with it. With the definition of hang gliding in mind, there can be no confusion.

In what is perhaps a striking resemblance to a WCM (weight shift controlled micro-light) but is not, this specific form of powered hang gliding has opened the sport to new people and new opportunities. Above all it has made hang gliding much safer and easier than ever before. All across the world pilots are re-discovering the reason for flight - easy and simple accessibility to flying just like the birds 

Personally I have found the supine type power assisted hang glider to be the easiest aircraft I have ever flown. This is what you will be trained to fly. Of course there are many other types too...

Unlike PPG's and Powered Para Trikes one may not fly a power assisted hang glider without a hang gliding license. This means that a power assisted hang glider is flown with a hang gliding license and a power assisted endorsement on-top of that license. The main reason is that power assisted hang gliders are flown for different purposes than PPG's and PPT's. Power assisted hang gliding is all about power off flying - soaring like a bird!