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Web launch pre-season limited offer is now closed!

Falcon2 - 225. This is a large super floater glider that is perfect for the slightly heavier pilot (Though in smooth conditions it is a great floater for even light pilots) The glider is in good condition. R17000.00

Epic Evo 2 - 140. This excellent high performance topless glider manufactured by Avian in the UK is our best deal. Please email us for an introduction and details.

U2 - 160 in really good condition. Recently been refurbished and fixed, including new flying wires, uprights etc. Costs R35,000.

Brauniger IQ Compeo Vario with a hang gliding bracket. This has a pito tube making it ideal for hang glider pilots. R4000.

Millennium Rigid Wing hang glider. Collectors item. Reluctant sale. R150k.

 It couldn't get any easier! :)