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Epic Evo 2 - 140. This excellent high performance topless glider manufactured by Avian in the UK is our best deal. Please email us for an introduction and details.

U2 - 145 in excellentt condition. Recently been refurbished and fixed, including new flying wires, uprights and a new sail. Costs R30,000.

 We have two excellent second hand Zee's fore sale - these do not come around often so jump at it if you can! Both Zee's come without motors. Zee undercarriage complete with WW Falcon 3 Tandem wing that is still in crispy condition both going for R55k as a package. (Or enjoy this package with a sweet Ross 125 motor with centrifugal clutch all for R70k. This is the unit below...

The next Zee is also with a Falcon 3 tandem wing and is in great condition. This combo is going for 45k. (Below are the pics without the motor). Dont miss out on these offers!