Hang gliding and paragliding School

                  Aviation Training since 1986                                                       (ATO no: RAA-005/008/42)

Learning to Paraglide is easy. (Next course contact us for info)

(Standard Course fee R15k )

Paragliding is becoming more and more popular. No doubt this is because of the ease and convenience factor that paragliding brings to aviation sport. Where else can you have a wing in a bag and go travelling to far off places and take your wing with you? Not to mention being able to launch and land just about anywhere? Join this fastest sector of the aviation sports now!

Training takes about 10 days on average to complete a course. In this time you will need to complete some practical flight exercises (including at least 35 solo flights and 4 hours accumulated airtime). You will also be required to pass a theoretical exam on flight (You know, aerodynamics, weather and air-law type of stuff) ;) But that is why we have great Instructors to help make your journey easy and fun!

Prices and Payment

 All courses are run on a first come first served basis. Full payment due and payable at the start of each course. A minimum deposit of R2000,00 per course will be payable to reserve a place. (Payment options can be arranged)

Please call us on 08333933938 (or send a whatsApp) if you need more info and book your place now.

Please note: Deposits are non refundable and sometimes we are forced to change prices but this is almost always done with notice!