Hang gliding and paragliding School

                  Aviation Training since 1986                                                       (ATO no: RAA-005/008/42)

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It takes on average 10 to 15 days to complete a course. This is dependent upon weather and pilot ability. First days consists of ground handling, moving to very gentle slopes where the student first learns to control and fly the glider on flat to gentle sloping ground. Theory on aerodynamics, basic meteorology and basics of taking off, flying and landing the glider are covered with the aim of putting it all into practice! (Information overload!) After mastering these basics, the move is made to doing longer ground skimming flights followed by higher ground clearance flights, all under controlled supervision of your instructor. After spending a few days of doing these practice flights you should be ready to move onto doing high flights. (During your course we will be on constant lookout for good weather to fit in a tandem flight or two!) The requirement for completing your training is a minimum of 5 high flights with some other practical tests along the way. During your time of instruction you will also write an exam as part of your Novice license requirement. In your time of instruction you will make new friends - (possibly even best friends!) and learn all about being aware of your surroundings. Even driving your car will take on new meaning as you glide and correct role and pitch, from one traffic intersection to the next! (Known as hang driving!) You will glance to the sky every now and then and make other people wonder why you have that extra shine in your eyes and a constant stupid grin! (Only a pilot knows the feeling!) Learning to fly a hang glider is an incredible experience and an amazing adventure. It comes very highly recommended!

You have done the course, so now what!?

After the course you will have completed the Novice pilot rating requirements. This means you know the basics of piloting a hang glider. (By no means are you an accomplished pilot, not yet!) You will be allowed to fly without the supervision of an instructor at Novice rated and some A license rated sites. This you will do only in smooth air conditions as experienced in early morning and late afternoon. (At exactly the times when the experienced pilots do not fly!) There are still lots to learn and your progress from now on will be under the auspices of the club environment. During this time, you will after some more flying (and other exams!), eventually progress through the rating system until you achieve your C-license. Only then can you say you are an accomplished pilot! This is the stage when you will be able to (Well, almost!) fly when and were you please - safely!