Hang gliding and paragliding School

                  Aviation Training since 1986                                                       (ATO no: RAA-005/008/42)

Hang gliding is the "flyingest" flying you can do!

HG Course information. 

*Full time and part time training

* Provision of all lecture notes, course manuals and certificates.

* Provision of all training equipment.

* Ground based simulator.

* Two way radio’s used

* Tuition from novice to competition standards.

* Tandem introductory flights.

* SAHPA and Aero club membership

* Third party liability cover 

* We also provide glider rentals and guided excursion for visiting pilots.

 Course venue: Wilderness on the Cape Garden Route. (Wilderness is about 4 and half hours drive east of Cape Town) Please e-mail WhatsApp or call us on 083 2292919 or on 0833933938 for more information.  

HG: Novice Pilot Rating (IPPI level 2) (Next course Places open 2019)

Price: R15000 - Duration: 10-14 days

This course can be run continuously through a week of intensive training. (From the Saturday to the following Sunday) but we highly recommend two weeks if possible. This gives you more time to settle in and gain full benefit of your training. The Novice Rating forms the back bone to learning to fly a hang glider. Designed to take you from knowing nothing to satisfying SAHPA's minimum criteria for the Novice Pilot rating. This is the beginning level of your hang gliding career. Remember, you are still a Novice pilot and have just  mastered the basics of piloting a hang glider. However, you will be able to look after yourself under mild flying conditions and Novice rated sites. For the most part    we still recommend the presence of a senior pilot that can act as a guide, allowing you to gain more exposure and flying experience in a controlled environment. Some of the minimum qualifying criteria are at least 5 high flights. A high flight constitutes at least 1 minute in duration and at least 100 meters in altitude from top to bottom. (Remember, you will have had multiple training flights from the dunes and lower hills before you reach this stage!) You will be able to launch and land a hang glider, know and recognise flying speeds, including stalls and be able to do proper landing approaches amongst other things!

HG: A licensed Pilot - IPPI level 3

Criteria: Completed the Novice rating level of experience - Price: R 7000 - Duration: 5 -10 days

This course is all about airtime! No longer do we just glide to the bottom but work on gaining altitude and remaining airborne for some time! From the Novice Rating we guide you to progress to a stage of Ridge soaring and an introduction to thermaling. You have mastered the basics of piloting a hang glider so we can now start concentrating on mastering the art of using available lift. No more straight flights to the bottom of the hill! You learn how to actually remain airborne! Guided radio controlled flights to help you excel when things really count. This course includes a minimum of 5 hours airtime. (If you can handle it!)

Prices and Payment

 All courses are run on a first come first served basis. Full payment due and payable at the start of each course. A minimum deposit of R2000,00 per course will be payable to reserve a place. (Payment options can be arranged)

Please note: Deposits are non refundable and sometimes we are forced to change prices but this is almost always done with notice!