Hang gliding and paragliding School

                  Aviation Training since 1986                                                       (ATO no: RAA-005/008/42)

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Wild2fly is the only school that offers both hang gliding and paragliding training. This unique advantage brings a broader spectrum of insight into our training philosophies to ultimate benefit you – the student pilot. At the helm of the school is long time pilot and National Senior Instructor, Johan Anderson. We pride ourselves in qualifying our students with more than the minimum criteria needed for your license - its our passion to teach you this amazing thing we do! :)

(We train between Wilderness, Sedgefield and Knysna catering for local pilots from the greater Mosselbay, Oudshoorn, Knysna, to Plettenbergbay areas.) 

So what is the difference between hang gliding and paragliding? In a nutshell, hang gliding performs more like a soaring bird than any other aircraft - and the method of control - weight shift, is simple and instinctive. The prone flying position gives you the most natural and bird- like experience available. It is the closest man has ever come to experiencing flight like the birds. Having said that, Paragliding on the other hand beats hang gliding hands down from a ease and convenience point of view - that is why paragliding is so popular. Its a wing in a bag that you can throw into the boot of your car and travel just about everywhere. Wild2Fly is in the unique position, with the instructor experience to give you a taster of both.

In the following links you will find more additional information as they relate to these two flying disciplines.

Hanggliding                                                                                       Paragliding 

Doing a hang gliding or Paragliding course with Wild2Fly is a unique experience. The location of the school is idyllic - Wilderness on the Cape Garden Route is one of the most popular flying tourist destinations in the country. Blessed with an abundance of sites, most of which are within 10-20 minutes drive, make Wild2Fly unique. From our deck you can view 5 flying sites – all of which have been flyable on the same day! Our bunk-style accommodation lodge is nestled into the forest, (just to add to developing the bird-brain side of you! ;) And we have a pool table, braai facilities with a cosy rock pool for cooling off after a day’s flying. See more on accommodation.

Of course it is not just the accommodation but learning to fly in this scenic environment that makes your experience so worthwhile. Our courses are tailor made for your enjoyment and during your training we ensure that a holiday atmosphere prevails. Our basic daily routine starts off with a theory lecture, which is normally around 1 hour long.  After this we load flying gear and proceed to the training slope available for the day. These coastal dunes provide forgiving slopes for learning and the summer dependable sea breezes, easy wind conditions that ease your learning to fly. We spend around 2-4 hours on the dunes, all dependent upon your eagerness (and fitness! ;) before returning for a late lunch (or early supper!) depending upon our days activities. At this stage you will be given free time – time to relax or go to town or enjoy the wonderful variety of Wilderness activities. Later on during the course we will fly for most of the day but our daily routine is flexible. For the most part we keep it balanced – flying and relaxing, to ensure you have the most accelerated and effective learning experience. Doing too much is most often counterproductive so we urge you to trust your Instructor who has been doing this for most of his life! :)