Hang gliding and paragliding School

                  Aviation Training since 1986                                                       (ATO no: RAA-005/008/42)

Your instructor - Author and pilot, Johan Anderson

Johan Anderson is not just synonymous with Wild2fly, but absolutely passionate about training others the art of flying. He has been flying for 35 years with thousands of flying hours. He has also won the National Hang Gliding Championship title six times, done excessive cross-country flying with numerous 100 Mile plus flights. His longest flight was 314km and this used to be the SA Open distance record for many years! He is also the only pilot qualified to instruct microlight, paragliding and hang gliding in all of SA. The best part is that he cannot wait to teach you this wonderful way of experiencing life!

Johan is also an avid writer with two books published - Wing and Things - Wings and Whale Sharks.

He is available for talks and slide shows on flying and whale shark marine conservation - send an email for details.

You can also enjoy his blog here...