Beach Flights - school for                      hang gliding and paragliding

Aviation training since 1989!

We are the only school in South Africa that offer hang gliding, powered hang gliding and paragliding training and tandem flights. Choose your thrill! Or enjoy them all in a special tailored package.

Powered Tandem Hang Gliding for just R750 for 10 min or 20 minutes for R1200!

Tandem Paragliding for R750!

Hang gliding like a bird from R1500!

(These prices excludes the in flight video) WhatsApp us on 0832292919 for booking details

See promo videos below for Powered Hang gliding, Hang gliding and Paragliding... 

Tandem Hang Glide for a unique and exclusive experience.

Experience the ultimate bird-like flying - tandem hang glide! No power flights are R1500 for approximately 30 minutes - weather dependant. We also offer tandem powered hang gliding flights to suite (See Video). Costs vary from R750 for a ten minute flight up to R1500 for 30 minutes. A cool video of your flight is available on request at R250. Whatsap to 0832291919 for flight times and bookings. 

Please note: There are weight and size limits. All tandem hang gliding flights are 90kg and for Paragliding it is 110kg. And of course liability waivers apply.

Email, call or whatsApp for bookings. 0832292919